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    Take advantage of our products such as herbal juice, herbal tea,
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ZY Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Health Food & Beverage

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ZY Cosmetics Sdn Bhd

Color Cosmetic & Skin Care

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ZY Herbal Science Sdn Bhd

Raw Material & Herbal Extracts

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Welcome To ZY Phyto

''Millionaires were born here''

Make Millions With Us

It’s easy to say millions like a cheap talk, right? But that’s how we say it to other entrepreneurs before you. In fact, we make them believe of what we can do to help them. They are just like you before; having a dream to have a business selling herbal and beauty-based product. They want their own brand. They want to be the business owner. The problem is, they don’t have a product! That’s why we come in to help - providing one-stop manufacturing facility for herbal and beauty-based product.

Top Selling Products

With ZY Phyto, you’ll get complete product creation. Choose from our wide-ranging products such as herbal juices, energy juices, men and women herbal juices, mixed herbal coffee, fibre diet, powder based health food and herbal tea. Herbal and beauty products are always sell like gangbusters, so this your chance to make big in this business.

Halal & GMP Herbal-base Product Manufacturer

As the need for halal product is rising, we equip our product with halal certificate from JAKIM. Our warehouse complies a GMP standard procedure so that everything from product formulation, product research and development, designing, production, packaging and delivery meet your quality.

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This helps build relationships between employees and managers and can have an important impact on employee motivation and engagement.


Our grand anniversary dinner took place in Dorsett Grand Subang last 18th Mac 2017. We could only say it was a splendid way to celebrate our 10th anniversary year. More than 350 people had celebrated with us on this glorious night and it was a memorable history. Looking back at past 10 years, Zaidi Yusoff, CEO of ZY Phyto Group...

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The first ever ZY Phyto Sales Retreat had brought all sales and marketing staff including Sales Admin, Sales Manager and Production Team as a backbone of ZY Phyto Tech Industries to strengthen and identify ways to increase productivity and output. It is a comprehensive brainstorming session where everybody could think of any ways to enhance our profit .!

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Every effort must be fruitless. In order to celebrate ZY Phyto employees by achieving monthly target sales achievement, all employees had been rewarded to have fun at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park together with the CEO and Executive Director. We believe that employees is the key of company’s glory as they are the doers, who made success became reality.

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